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Chairman Message

Arvind Mishra

BCA, B.COM, O'Level, MCA
7 Years Teachng Experience

The decade before us has witnessed a tremendous growth in the area of Information Technology. Advances made in the various technologies in the intervening years concerned with Tele and Online Communications have enabled us to get any type of information we seek at our fingertips easily and with great speed. Information Technology is among the most important and varied industries in the world today. It has increased the speed and rate at which any business or economy grows and develops. It is a very important driver of growth of any economy and is thus, among the most important facets to be developed and invested in.

This very important sector is a major source of global growth and development as well as a robust source of employment. India, being one of the world’s best IT hubs has become an International presence in the realm of IT. Our strength at AICIT lies in the profound experience and talent of our teachers who consider AICIT as a part of their own family. The hard work and dedication that they show toward the students and to their craft in general, is a proud accomplishment. Their commitment to excel and grow is one of the key backbones of our institute and is the highlight that our students see everyday.

Going towards the future too, our passion for excellence will drive us forward. The IT industry is expected to keep on growing in the future and the demand for professionals expertly trained in this field will increase substantially. At this juncture an institute like AICIT will be at the forefront providing expert training in all IT fields to our students and producing the next generation of IT professionals.

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